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Why Lydia Jazmine is Unhappy With Azawi

Why Lydia Jazmine is Unhappy With Azawi

Lydia Jazmine has expressed dissatisfaction with Azawi’s remarks regarding her approach to releasing music. Azawi, who has previously penned some songs for Jazmine, voiced concerns about Jazmine’s tendency to delay song releases, resulting in them losing their freshness by the time they are made available to the public. In an interview on Galaxy TV, Azawi stated, “Lydia has a habit of releasing songs several years after they are written, when their appeal has diminished… I am unsure of her reasoning behind this approach.” Azawi further mentioned that she had written songs for Jazmine, including “Omalawo” and “Binji” (a collaboration with Fik Fameica), some of which Jazmine had not released yet.

In response to Azawi’s comments, Jazmine defended her decision-making process, asserting that as the owner of the songs, she has the prerogative to determine their release schedule, especially after compensating the songwriter. Jazmine explained that she has valid reasons for her approach to releasing music and emphasized that no songwriter has ever contacted her to inquire about delayed releases, deeming Azawi’s remarks as “disrespectful.”

Azawi’s career transitioned from songwriting to performing after receiving encouragement from Benon Mugumbya and Julius Kyazze at Swangz Avenue. Before her association with Swangz Avenue, Azawi had written songs for artists such as Carol Nantongo and Eddy Kenzo. She initially envisioned Winnie Nwagi to sing “Quinamino,” her breakout song, but eventually performed it herself. Although Azawi still writes her own songs, she has scaled back on writing for other artists.

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