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I didn’t go for surgery, The body is natural – Vinka

I didn’t go for surgery, The body is natural – Vinka

Celebrated singer Vinka has spoken of her self-esteem being run down the gutters by people who did not believe in her when she was starting out in music.

The All Over You singer says those who doubted her potential made her feel not only downbeat but too ugly for life.

“Public abuse is not something easy to deal with. Starting out, people made me feel ugly,” Vinka, who was recently speaking at the Tusker Conversession, said.

“Have you ever felt like you are the ugliest person in the world and yet you are not?”

“They made me feel like I’m nothing and not talented yet again I’m not.”

The Swangz Avenue singer, born Veronica Nakiyyingi, said ridicule and doubt almost drove her into depression.

“Thankfully, the person I work with at Swangz Avenue had already briefed me of it however, you can be well prepared for everything.”

Vinka, one of Uganda’s prominent and award-winning figures in the music industry, was sharing on her journey in the music industry, revealing the challenges she faced early in her career, including enduring public abuse that made her question her worth and talent.

“So many people told me boldly to my face that they did not believe in my potential,” she recalled.

However, Vinka’s resilience and determination prevailed. Reflecting further on her journey, Vinka emphasized the importance of perseverance and adaptation.

“This gave me a personal lesson not to just make lamentations based on present events because things change with time,” said the Tourism and Hospitality management graduate from Makerere University.

Beyond her music career, Vinka is a multifaceted individual, balancing motherhood, entrepreneurship, and artistic endeavors.

She proudly declared herself a successful working mother with diverse interests, including a business in selling and buying cars, alongside her brother, and ownership of a daycare and preschool.

Addressing speculation about her financial means, particularly regarding her luxurious lifestyle, Vinka humorously dismissed assumptions that her wealth came solely from her husband.

While she clarified that she is not formally married, she emphasized the strength of her relationship, built on friendship and mutual understanding.

Motherhood has been a significant aspect of Vinka’s life, made easier by the supportive presence of her partner.

She also humorously addressed questions about her post-pregnancy transformation, attributing her “award-winning sitting apparatus” to the natural changes that come with childbirth.

“I didn’t go for surgery, I do not have that money yet. The body is natural and god given. If you want the body, tell your girlfriend to have babies.”

Throughout her journey, Vinka draws inspiration from her experiences, including her time working with Jackie Chandiru, whom she regards as her best performer.

Reflecting on Chandiru’s unparalleled work ethic and resilience, Vinka expressed her admiration for the singer’s determination and unwavering spirit.

Vinka’s story embodies resilience in the music industry, balancing motherhood with career challenges. Her perseverance proves success is achievable through dedication and hard work.



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