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I’m Not Bobi Wines Enemy – Eddy Kenzo

I’m Not Bobi Wines Enemy – Eddy Kenzo

In a recent interview with Spark TV on Koona show, Eddy Kenzo, the acclaimed musician and Big Talent CEO, took a moment to clarify the nature of his relationship with NUP President Bobi Wine.

Contrary to rumors and fans perspective of animosity, Kenzo emphasized that he harbors no ill feelings towards Bobi Wine.

He stated that although they may hold differing opinions, they are not enemies, and any perceived conflicts between them are fueled by external individuals.

Kenzo expressed frustration during the televised interview, addressing the attempts by people to create discord between him and Bobi Wine.

Me and Bobi Wine have no personal issues, but people want us to have problems. I’m not his enemy; when I comment about issues, I’m only giving my opinion.

The roots of their differences can be traced back to 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown when Kenzo accused Bobi Wine of disrespect for not responding to his calls.

Despite these past disagreements, Kenzo stressed that their interactions are based on expressing individual perspectives rather than personal enmity.

The latest rift between the two emerged when Bobi Wine raised concerns about Eddy Kenzo’s led federation for allegedly receiving taxpayers’ money.

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