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I lost interest in Woman – Tycoon Lwasa

I lost interest in Woman – Tycoon Lwasa

Ex-tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has recently made headlines with surprising revelations about his changed perspective towards women. In a candid interview with a local YouTuber, Lwasa opened up about feeling betrayed by the opposite gender, attributing the downfall of his estate to what he perceives as women’s insatiable desire for a lavish lifestyle.

According to Lwasa, his financial woes stemmed from his willingness to cater to the extravagant demands of the women in his life. He admitted to lavishing them with expensive gifts such as cars, jewelry, and indulging their desire for luxury. However, despite his efforts to ensure their happiness, Lwasa lamented that many of his relationships ended in dissatisfaction and ultimately contributed to his downfall.

“I even lost interest in women. They brought me down because I would do everything to make them happy. I used to spend a lot of cash on them, but many still left unsatisfied,” Lwasa shared during the interview.

Last month, Lwasa publicly announced his bankruptcy and appealed for assistance from President Yoweri Museveni. His plea for help underscores the severity of his financial crisis and the extent to which his fortunes have dwindled.

Lwasa’s admission sheds light on the complexities of interpersonal relationships and the toll that excessive materialism can take on individuals and their livelihoods. His story serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of prioritizing material possessions over financial stability and emotional well-being.


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