Thieves Using Fake Number Plates To Rob People

Thieves Using Fake Number Plates To Rob People

Police yesterday warned of a criminal gang operating in Kampala that is using fake motor vehicle registration number plates to elude security surveillance cameras.

This gang according to police spokesperson Fred Enanga, operates in taxis and on boda boda motorcycles and they rob unsuspecting passengers using untraceable plates.

“We have been receiving complaints where criminals in conspiracy with rogue taxi drivers and conductors rob passengers especially women in sections that feed into the Kampala northern bypass,” Enanga said.

“Unsuspecting passengers board taxis with criminals disguised as passengers and what is surprising is those disguising as passengers are women. They attack the victims while the taxi is moving and in most cases they force victims to surrender mobile phones, ATMs, cash and other valuables,” he added.

It is said that when the robbers remove the ATMs and phones from the victims, they also force them to reveal their pin codes.

He said when they finish robbing the victims, they push them out while the vehicle is moving.

“These criminals hire female accomplices to disguise as passengers and use fake sticker number plates that they removed after every mission to elude our CCTV cameras,” said the police spokesperson Fred Enanga.

This report comes high on the heels of an earlier warning last week of a criminal gang which target people with mobile phones using knives.

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