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Zari Publicly Calls Out Diamond Platnumz over “lies”

Zari Publicly Calls Out Diamond Platnumz over “lies”

South Africa-based businesswoman and socialite, Zari Hassan, has publicly called out her ex-partner Diamond Platnumz for what she claims are his lies and attempts to use her name for personal gain.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Zari expressed her disappointment with Diamond’s recent statement about wanting to have another child with her.

Diamond had allegedly made these remarks during a date with Ghanaian dancehall artiste Fantana at his home, which was aired on the second season of the Netflix reality series Young, Famous & African.

Zari clarified that Diamond’s assertions were untrue and purely meant to boost his own image and gain attention.

In her message, she stated, “I hold you in high regard as the father of my children, and nothing can change that. If there were a chance for us to reconcile, you would come running back. It amazes me to see you sitting with temporary individuals in your life, discussing me.

“You can engage in relationships with whomever you please, without involving me in your bets. I don’t want you, and I am not obsessed with you. In fact, it’s the opposite – you seem to be the one obsessed with me and unable to find a replacement. I expect nothing more than mutual respect.”

Zari also made it clear that Diamond’s account of the situation was false, leading her to cancel him from her life. She expressed concern about the impact of his lies on their children, who may come across such information while browsing the internet.

Zari emphasized, “You appeared on an unscripted show and lied about me. You fabricated stories about how I want to have children with you and how I’m obsessed with you. Who do you think you are that I, Zari the Boss Lady, would be obsessed with you? You will always be part of my life because of our children, but not in the way I have welcomed you thus far. You are cancelled, and if you disagree, let the court decide. I don’t need you. I have a fulfilling life with or without you. Last time I checked, the entire East Africa didn’t know you until I introduced you to the scene. I was already a successful millionaire, driving Porsches, owning properties, and being both intelligent and beautiful.”

Zari argued that Diamond consistently allows other women to disrespect her as the mother of his children. She firmly declared that, as a married woman, she has no intention of rekindling her relationship with her baby daddy.

Zari warned him, saying, “You continuously permit these so-called 20-year-olds to disrespect me just to satisfy your desires. As Diamond, you can be with anyone you want without involving me. I am currently married, and your actions have not sat well with my marriage. The selective editing by the show is absurd.”

Furthermore, Zari highlighted that she had clearly informed Diamond that she was with someone else and couldn’t have children with him (though this part was edited out by Netflix).

She found it disheartening that some people held Diamond in high regard while disrespecting her. Zari asserted that she does not ask for any financial support from him, as she independently takes care of her responsibilities.

Zari made it clear that she only contacts Diamond when it concerns their children, and she still appreciates his financial contributions in that regard. However, she requested that he stop putting her in situations with individuals seeking attention.

Zari said, “I have noticed that you thrive on clout, and without it, you can’t survive. I am a self-made billionaire, and I will not be associated with your failed music career and irrelevant drama. I refuse to be categorized alongside your numerous relationships, your faceless partners who never gained recognition despite their five minutes of fame.”

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