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Prof. Gilbert Bukenya’s Love For “young” Fresh Blood

Prof. Gilbert Bukenya’s Love For “young” Fresh Blood

Besides Former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya’s numerous official honors, the professor is man of the party who has always added color and humor to numerous parties, bars and clubs in Kampala.

In one of the excerpts from his interview with Urban Television’s Miles Rwamiti, the retired politician admits to preference of youthful company when partying to that of old people.

“As I grow older, I want to associate with the young,” he states.

“It helps to keep my brain alert,” he adds.

He notes that if he associates with his agemates and peers, they will end up talking about knee pains and back aches.

He notes however, when he associates with the youth, he gets ideas that awaken his older ideas.

Gilbert says that this pattern also benefits the youth as he also gives them ideas which help them grow.

According to Gilbert, he is a free man who enjoys Uganda. He further adds that he follows his own will and is not influenced by the masses.

He notes that he is fueled by the desire to do what makes him happy.

Despite his reputation as a party loving person, he reveals that he is not enthused by bars because he does not consume a lot of alcohol.

However, he says he loves good music and it pleases him to see people happy.

On this note, Gilbert Bukenya admits that he believes in young leadership that can appreciate what the old leadership did in order to make it more modern.

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