Daddy Andre And Nina Roz In A Relationship Again

Daddy Andre And Nina Roz In A Relationship Again

Judging by what is currently seen regarding the closeness of musicians Nina Akakunda famously known as Nina Roz and Andrew Ojamba alias Daddy Andre, one might not be wrong to say that the two are now on good terms.

In two video clips making rounds on social media, the “Andele ” hitmakers are seen dancing together to one of Andre’s songs in a way that shows they enjoyed the moment. This particular one was also posted on Andre’s Facebook page with a caption that reads: “Daddy Andre and Nina Roz are back together”. In this snippet, Andre is seen getting off the ground to stand on a chair as he continues to dance with Nina.

In another video clip that seemed to be recorded during a video shoot, the two dance as they lipsync to a song. The two artistes look like they are receiving commands from someone (most likely the video director) who continuously instructed them on what to do next.

These two clips have puzzled many netizens, leaving them wondering. This is because the two musicians were not on good terms since breaking up in 2021.

While speaking about the status of her current relationship with Daddy Andre, Nina Roz noted that time has brought them to respect one another enough. “We both know what we want and for now, it is music,” she said.

“Getting back to someone takes a lot. When people separate, life moves on. I respect my privacy. I have been a victim of the public when it comes to my relationships so I am committed to doing anything to protect my privacy,” the Billboard-Kipande singer added.

Apparently they are recording a song together since they are both signed under the same record label (Black Market Records) and are mandated to record songs together based on their contract.

Nina Roz introduced Daddy Andre to her parents in Kireka in their pre-introduction ceremony (Kukyala) on October 23, 2020. The ceremony was meant to be held secretly but later became public after photos of the two were leaked on social media by someone who attended the function. Their relationship however did not last for long as reports about their bitter separation surfaced a few months after their ceremony.

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