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Bebe Cool List Causes Controversy

Bebe Cool List Causes Controversy

As is the norm at the start of the year, Gagamel boss Bebe Cool releases the list of the top performers in the music industry in the previous year and advises accordingly to those, whom he thinks should improve. Here’s the much-anticipated Bebe Cool List of 2023:

  1. ALIEN SKIN (Party, Twayiseko Dda, Binyuma Bitya ft Clever J)
    The cardinal duty of a legendary artist like Bebe Cool is to offer guidance, counseling, and knowledge to everyone. However, it depends on those who choose to positively relate and embrace it. Last year, I spoke about Alien Skin with good music but retaliating behavior. However, this young man took the advice, and polished his image, evident in his current dress code and public address. Alien Skin is not your normal good artist by vocal capabilities but rather an impressive creator of his style with an “I don’t care attitude.” This is important for young people to have confidence and believe in whatever they do. Alien has come back on top of this list with two major hit songs; “Party, Twayiseko Dda,” followed by several statement songs that might not have made it to clubs and airwaves but were vibrant on social media. Such songs include; “kisunda, Kubalumya Mitwe, Ready Fi War, Obwenzi, I am Me.” He reminds me of the old days of Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleon fresh from Nairobi, not forgetting Bobi Wine when we integrated beef and showbiz into the music. The audience had a lot of things to talk about, hence paying attention to our songs. Alien mastered the art of social media and beef, integrating the two into his music, thus sealing this year as the Artist of the Year. Well in, my friend, and good luck.
  2. VINKA (Bailando)
    Vinka has the biggest song among female artists this year. She has successfully and strategically been positioned by her record company- Swangz- to have big songs with other artists. These include; Believe and Chekecha. Even if she doesn’t own these songs, she shares credit for expertly executing two of the best collaborations of 2023.
  3. DAX VYBZ (Believe)
    I bring him third because I was surprised that such a good song came out from Dax, an individual I thought would not have a vocal range. I was truly surprised by his urban execution, despite the fact that he hails from Dangala Komwokya. I credit Dax for this masterpiece, only if he maintains this direction, he’ll surely make it as a surprise among his averagely talented brothers.
  4. EDDY KENZO (Balipila Boda)
    If up to now you haven’t known who he is, now you should know that this is the typical Eddy Kenzo Style. “Balipila Boda” appears on the list as it surprises me and many how it penetrated the audience, a hit song is one that is widely embraced by the audience and it is.
  5. REMA NAMAKULA (Tonight)
    Rema Namakula this time appears on the list. I have seen her emerge as a young talent. Her success doesn’t surprise me at all. I congratulate her for appearing on the Bebe Cool list 2023 with ‘Tonight,’ and I definitely wish her all the best in 2024.
    “Oooonana baibie” is one of the biggest songs of 2023, even bigger than the artist himself. This young man with special talent amongst many is expected to excel but only if he works hard. His music directs to a trending afro-beat sound which the Ugandan audience wants to see Ugandan artists engage in. I wish him the very best and am sure he is on the right direction.
    Surely Uganda is an amazing country, as the president always says, “anyone can survive here.” So many artists came up with ideas, but this was the best idea among many. It makes sense depending on how you analyze life. “wabula-Bwenafuna ku salary njakunyulwa e’baala.”
  8. OMEGA 256 (This year)
    Indeed this year we have a ‘regional’ artist breaking through on the Bebe Cool list against many odds. This shows that you don’t need to hail from Kampala to have a big song in the industry. I want to give flowers to this artist and pledge my support to her whenever she needs it. Congratulations OMEGA 256, and I wish you good luck.
  9. VYROOTA. (Risk, Ex twafuna Sente)
    Congratulations, Vyroota, for emerging as the breakthrough artist on the Bebe Cool list. Indeed, this young man has talent, and it’s not the first time I have heard about his name. However, the challenge is upon you to prove because you have competitors in 2024. Embrace them and continue singing nice melodies. Best of luck.
  10. OMUTUME PLANET (Kyaayi we’njaye)
    The year began at the peak with “Emboozi ya chairman.” Creativity from this young man from nowhere, I loved the idea, played on radios social media. The only problem with such songs is they are difficult to follow, but it doesn’t take away the fact that you appear on the Bebe Cool list despite the negative “content.” My young people enjoy the music but do not imitate contents; stay away from drugs.
  11. CRYSTO PANDA (Empele & Mukisenge)
    Down to earth. A good young man. Panda is an extremely hardworking individual who deserves everything. This year on Bebe Cool list, I want to appreciate the consistence and improvement Panda has made. Empele is a big song and Mukisenge is big and growing through into the new year. Congratulations Crystal Panda. I can see a light at the end of your tunnel, just like a crystal. All the best my boy.
  12. KING SAHA (Money)
    With one and a half songs this year, King Saha appears on the Bebe Cool list with Money and maybe “EBISSERA” if given time and thought. Talent with this artist is not questionable, and we still wish him the very best in using his great voice.
  13. GRAVITY OMUTUJJU (Okwepicha)
    As earlier said, anyone can survive in Uganda, Okwepicha is a viral statement song with a hidden meaning, but it has made an impression onto the local ground. Wabuyu appears again.
  14. GABIE NTAATE (Cheza) & TITUS KUTEESA (Ndimulokore)
    These are good songs that only need the gospel fraternity to push. Gospel is important in this industry, and I call upon the gospel artists to work harder to push the gospel more to the circular world.
    It’s difficult for me to include myself on this list, for I make the list. The likes of Jose Chameleon
  17. This year was covered by a lot of collaborations, more than singles, I don’t know whether it is lack of self-confidence or artists are too busy, but surely from time immemorial, I have said collabos tend to weaken individual merit. All said and done, good music is good music and I want to applaud the collaborating artists.
  18. Note that collaborating within the same audience doesn’t give you an extra reach but I would prefer cross boarder collaborations which definitely introduce you to new audiences. But I still recognize the goodness of these collaborations that made it to the Bebe Cool list.
  19. 1. Carol Kasita – Chekecha ft Winnie nwangi, & Vinka
    Tetunazina ft Gravity.
  20. 2. Fik Gaza- Banana ft Jose Chameleone.
  21. 3. Fik Famaica – Bwepaba ft Sheebah.
  22. 4. Hatim & Dockey – Did I die ft sheebah.
  23. 5. Ava Peace – Shabada ft Mudra Di Viral.
  24. 6. Feffe Busi – Pretty Pretty Remix ft King Saha.

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