Uganda Plans to Provide Clean Water to Every Village by 2030

Uganda Plans to Provide Clean Water to Every Village by 2030

The Ugandan government has announced an ambitious plan to drill a borehole in every village by 2030, providing clean water and sanitation for all. The initiative, launched by the Ministry of Water and Environment, aims to address the country’s chronic water shortages, particularly in rural areas.

Speaking at the commissioning of a borehole in Lokopuwa village, Tororo district, Minister of State for Water, Mrs. Aisha Sekindi, said the government is committed to ensuring that every village has access to clean water. “We are determined to reach all areas with low water tables and provide boreholes to avoid the situation where women and children have to walk long distances to access safe and clean water,” she said.

The government is partnering with development partners, including Water 4 Kids International, to implement the project. The organization has already constructed 1000 boreholes across the country and sponsors over 2000 children.

Local leaders and communities have welcomed the initiative, which is expected to improve the lives of millions of people. “This is a wise thinking initiative,” said Fredrick Angura, Member of Parliament for Tororo South County. “The government has created a conducive environment for organizations like Water 4 Kids International to operate.”

A beneficiary of the project, Mrs. Constace Okoleit, thanked the organization for providing clean water to her community. “We used to share an open well with animals, which would dry up during dry seasons. We are grateful for this borehole,” she said.

The government’s plan to provide clean water for all by 2030 is a significant step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal of access to clean water and sanitation for all.


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