Security Breach at Ugandan Parliament Gym Leaves Legislators Concerned

Security Breach at Ugandan Parliament Gym Leaves Legislators Concerned

Ugandan legislators have expressed astonishment following a security breach at the Parliamentary Gym, where unidentified individuals managed to steal a flat-screen TV and music system. The incident has raised significant concerns among lawmakers about the security measures in place at the parliamentary premises.

Theodore Ssekikubo, a prominent legislator, voiced suspicions regarding the incident, suggesting it might be used as a pretext to replace the current police presence at parliament with other security agencies. He criticized the perceived incompetence of the police in safeguarding parliamentary facilities.

“How could thieves evade all the CCTV cameras in Parliament and make away with items as conspicuous as a flat-screen TV?” questioned Ssekikubo. “This institution is meant to serve all Ugandans, and we must ensure that all security measures are robust and effective. We should not fall for deceptive tactics.”

Highlighting the proximity of the gym to the parliamentary SACCO and the printery, Ssekikubo raised further questions about the thieves’ priorities in targeting a flat-screen TV over potentially more secure assets.

The Parliament’s public relations office has been approached for comment on the incident, but no official statement has been issued at the time of reporting.

The incident underscores ongoing concerns about security protocols at Uganda’s legislative headquarters and calls for a thorough review of existing measures to prevent future breaches.

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