NUP supporters want Mathias Mpuuga Sacked

NUP supporters want Mathias Mpuuga Sacked

A section of supporters of the opposition National Unity Platform in the diaspora have demanded that the party president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine removes the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga from office.

The views of the lot were carried by Maria Nankya Stockwell during an interactive session with Bobi Wine in Boston, USA over the weekend.

According to Nankya, the party members like herself and others do not trust Mpuuga as the leader of the party’s business in parliament due to his treacherous nature and dishonesty.

“If you bring back Mathias (Mpuuga) we shall fight with you, I do not like people who are traitors, indeed, if you come back here with him (Mpuuga) come dressed in overalls because we shall fight,” Nankya said.

“We are tired of him, you have so many people who can do his job, take him out of office, he is full of betrayal or else we are going to fight with you,” she added amidst cheers.

On his part, Bobi Wine appreciated them for the efforts they expend towards supporting the struggle and encouraged them to remain united and avoid anybody who attempts to sow seeds of ‘division amongst us’.

A few days to Bobi Wine’s visit, Mpuuga who was also in the USA found a torrid time addressing NUP supporters who grilled him and he ended the meeting without ceremony.

Mpuuga would later comment that there seems to be a group of people hell bent on creating a collision course in the NUP and such people will not be tolerated.

According to Mpuuga, such individuals have been infiltrated by the ruling party to sow seeds of hatred and division within the party.

A rift in the party has been reported by several media in the recent times, brewing between members loyal to Mpuuga and those against his leadership.

In a September media interview, Bobi Wine said that hat he is aware of NUP lawmakers who have been compromised.

“They are quite a number, but we shall stand with the many that are still strong,” he said.

Contacted for a comment, Mpuuga said he cant respond to such allegations.

“You expect me to respond to such,” Mpuuga wondered.

NUP spokesperson, Joel Ssenyonyi said these are individual views of supporters that they have a right to express but said the party has it own ways of doing things.

” I have not seen that yet ,there is so much we are handling here with the committee and so on . So I haven’t seen that particular issue. Of course individual supporters of the party can have particular view .Why are you calling me this particular time because a supporter is saying something? A supporter can have different views. I don’t know whether every supporter of NUP would want Ssenyonyi to be COSASE  chairman  . And they(supporters) have a right to express their views, no one should ever stop them,” Ssenyonyi said.

“We have got to keep doing the work we have got to do. Hon Mathias Mpuuga is our LOP currently and he has got work to do. Let give chance to do that work,”

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