Museveni Orders Iron Sheet Saga Victims To Be Charged As Thieves

Museveni Orders Iron Sheet Saga Victims To Be Charged As Thieves

President Museveni has taken a firm stance against corruption in Uganda, denouncing public officials involved in the Karamoja iron sheets scandal. In a letter to Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, he called for those responsible for diverting the iron sheets, which were intended for vulnerable communities in Karamoja, to be charged with theft and brought to justice. The President warned that the theft compromised security in Karamoja, and described it as a form of corruption that should not be tolerated.

The President’s pronouncement has sent shockwaves through Uganda’s political establishment, with Vice President Jessica Alupo and Prime Minister Nabbanja among those implicated in the scandal. The President has promised unspecified political action against those involved, and has called on ministers to take personal responsibility, return the iron sheets or pay back their value.

The Karamoja Community Empowerment Programme was designed to help settle Karimojong warriors and stop insecurity in the region. However, the stolen iron sheets were diverted for personal use, compromising the programme’s objectives. The President’s firm stance against corruption is a welcome development for Ugandans, who have long called for action to be taken against officials who abuse their power.

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