I’m Just Living My Life With My Husband – Zari

I’m Just Living My Life With My Husband – Zari

Their relationship became public this year after a video of her grinding the lad who is almost half her age circulated on social media.

The age of Shakib, also known as Cham, is not clear but some reports have placed it at 24 and 27. Zari is 41 and the couple is said to have met in South Africa.

Zari over the weekend turned up for the launch of B-Club at Garden City in Kampala where a journalist from asked her about dating a guy almost her son’s age.

Zari said Lutaaya scored huge by dating her when she was asked about the dynamic of their relationship.

He is the one who won big,” she said, adding that “a lot is happening” after being pressed to comment on how their future looks.

There are some people who have judged her for using Lutaaya as a toy boy and she didn’t mince words while responding to what she dubbed as haters.

Let them offer the one I deserve; if he’s not my type, let them bring the type,” she said, shrugging her shoulders.

I’m just living my life… with my husband, we have no problem. We’ve no time for Facebook rumours.”

According to Zari, people who hate on her are in the lower echelons of society.

“I’m here having fun as you can see… no time for gossip,” she said.

She also revealed that they are planning a wedding and they’ll also have kids.

Everything… wedding, kids…” she said when she was asked about their future.

Zari Hassan has five children from two marriages. With the late Ivan Ssemwanga, whom she divorced in 2013, she sired Pinto Semwanga, George Semwanga and Dido Semwanga.

Latifah Dangote and Prince Nillan are the children she had while dating the Tanzanian crooner, Diamond Platinumz.

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