URA Welcomes New State House Unit to Combat Corruption

URA Welcomes New State House Unit to Combat Corruption

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has expressed strong support for the establishment of the State House Revenue Intelligence and Strategic Operations Unit, aimed at overseeing the tax body’s operations. President Museveni announced the creation of this unit last week, appointing Mr. David Kalemera as its head.

Mr. Kalemera’s appointment has sparked mixed reactions due to his past conviction on April 21, 2022, for conspiracy to commit a felony and using falsified customs documents. Despite this, URA spokesperson Mr. Ibrahim Bbosa emphasized that the creation of the unit represents a crucial step in combating corruption within the tax administration system, reinforcing the government’s commitment to operational integrity.

“Corruption significantly hinders revenue mobilization and economic growth. URA emphasizes integrity and transparency in building a strong tax framework. The new unit aligns with our principles of Ethical Leadership, Resolute Staff, and Robust Systems and Processes,” Mr. Bbosa stated in a press release.

He acknowledged that URA has faced numerous corruption cases over the years and has implemented various measures to address the issue. These measures include a Code of Conduct, an Offense Schedule, and a Lifestyle Audit Policy, all of which have contributed to a 9.7 percent improvement in integrity scores.

“Our digital strategy focuses on technological advancements and system enhancements to ensure simplicity, accessibility, and transparency in our services. The Whistleblower Platform allows individuals to report corruption practices confidently, directly aiding revenue recovery and economic progress,” Mr. Bbosa added.


The URA has also launched a Change and Culture Transformation initiative to promote core values of Patriotism, Professionalism, and Integrity among its workforce. Disciplinary actions, including dismissals and legal proceedings, underscore URA’s commitment to maintaining an untainted workforce.

Mr. Bbosa highlighted that the new State House unit will significantly strengthen URA’s efforts to prevent revenue losses and enhance tax collection. “We urge all stakeholders to join us in creating a transparent, accountable, and efficient tax administration system for a corruption-free society and a brighter future for Uganda,” he said

A brief insight

In 2020, President Museveni forced several URA staff to resign and dismissed others due to corruption. A 2021 report by the Inspectorate General of Government revealed that the estimated total cost of bribes paid by citizens to tax officials was about Shs27 billion per year. Additionally, the report estimated a loss of nearly Shs107 billion due to misreporting and underreporting of value-added tax by firms, with the total cost of corruption in taxation nearing Shs136 billion per year.

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