Kenyan President Ruto Announces Major Budget Cuts and Reforms amid Protests

Kenyan President Ruto Announces Major Budget Cuts and Reforms amid Protests

Kenyan President William Ruto has announced significant budget cuts and government reforms in response to a mounting debt crisis and widespread public disapproval of a proposed tax bill. This decision follows weeks of violent protests that have resulted in dozens of deaths.

Ruto’s initial finance bill, intended to generate $2.7 billion primarily through tax increases to address the debt, and was met with fierce resistance and protests. As a concession, Ruto has withdrawn the bill and proposed an alternative plan that includes cutting $1.39 billion from the federal budget and borrowing the remaining amount needed.

The reforms include eliminating 47 state corporations with overlapping functions and reducing the number of government advisors by 50%. Additionally, the filling of chief administrative secretaries’ positions has been suspended. Funds will no longer be allocated for the offices of the first lady, the spouse of the deputy president, and the prime cabinet secretary.

“Public servants who attain the retirement age of 60 shall be required to immediately proceed on retirement with no extensions,” Ruto announced. Furthermore, the purchase of new government vehicles is suspended for 12 months, except for security agencies, and all nonessential travel by state and public officers is halted. Many of these measures align with demands made by protesters.

Ruto also revealed the appointment of an independent task force to conduct a comprehensive forensic audit of Kenya’s public debt. “This audit will provide Kenyans with clarity on the extent and nature of our debt, how public resources have been expended, and recommend proposals for managing public debt in a sustainable manner that does not burden future generations,” he explained.


According to Kenya’s National Commission on Human Rights, nearly 40 people have died and 360 have been injured nationwide since the protests began three weeks ago.


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