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Road Accidents: 77 Ugandans Die In One Week, 399 Left Injured

Road Accidents: 77 Ugandans Die In One Week, 399 Left Injured

In the past week, our roads have witnessed a heartbreaking toll of tragedy, with 77 lives lost and 399 individuals left injured. Among the deceased, 34% were motorcyclists, 30% pedestrians, and 9% passengers on motorcycles, underscoring the diverse impact of these accidents on various road users.

The root causes of these devastating crashes were identified as reckless overtaking and speeding, highlighting the urgent need for enhanced safety measures and enforcement.

In response, authorities have launched targeted operations aimed at curbing dangerous driving behaviors. This week will see intensified efforts to address errant drivers who flout road rules, particularly those who engage in careless overtaking and disregard speed limits. Additionally, crackdowns will continue on motorcyclists without proper safety gear and documentation.

The safety of pedestrians, who often bear the brunt of road accidents, remains a top priority. Drivers are urged to exercise caution, especially in crowded areas, markets, and near bus stops. Special attention should be paid to children, the elderly, and disabled individuals, ensuring their safe passage on the roads.

Stringent measures are in place to uphold pedestrian rights, including the enforcement of zebra crossings and compliance with traffic light signals. Sensitization campaigns led by the Directorate of Traffic & Road Safety aim to foster behavioral change among all road users, promoting a culture of responsibility and vigilance.

Traffic Police has called upon citizens to renew their commitment to road safety, recognizing that every journey comes with a shared responsibility to protect lives on our highways and streets.

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