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President Museveni Promotes 1638 Police Officers

President Museveni Promotes 1638 Police Officers

In a remarkable display of support for law enforcement, President Museveni of Uganda has taken decisive action to recognize the commitment and dedication of 1,638 gazetted police officers. Acting on the advice of the esteemed Police Authority, the President has promoted these officers to higher ranks, signifying their invaluable contributions to the nation’s security.

The newly promoted officers span various ranks, including Senior Commissioner of Police, Commissioner of Police, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Senior Superintendent of Police, Superintendent of Police, and Assistant Superintendent of Police. This well-deserved promotion was publicly announced on Friday by the honorable Internal Affairs Minister, General Kahinda Otafiire, who also serves as the Chairperson of the Police Authority.

During the announcement, Minister Otafiire expressed the President’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the police force. “In exercise of the powers vested in him under section 9(i) of the Police Act, the President of Uganda, upon the advice of the Police Authority, has appointed and promoted 1,638 gazetted police officers,” stated Otafiire.

These latest promotions complement last year’s uplifting news, where 773 officers were similarly elevated in recognition of their outstanding performance. Minister Otafiire highlighted the importance of rectifying the existing promotion system, acknowledging the need for streamlined processes. Under the new leadership, substantial efforts were made to address the gaps in the system, resulting in a significant number of well-deserving officers being promoted within a relatively short timeframe.

The promotion of these dedicated officers is a reflection of their exceptional performance and commitment to their duty. Minister Otafiire emphasized that merit and competence were the primary factors driving these advancements. “Promotion depends on your performance. We don’t promote you because you are a woman or a man, but because you are an efficient officer. In the police, we don’t differentiate based on gender; all police officers are equal,” declared Otafiire, highlighting the equitable principles guiding these decisions.

It is worth noting that last year’s promotions were the first for gazetted officers between the ranks of Assistant Superintendent of Police and Assistant Inspector General of Police since 2016, during the tenure of General Kale Kayihura as the Inspector General of Police. This recent promotion wave showcases the government’s commitment to addressing the historical backlog and ensuring that deserving officers receive the recognition they deserve.

This uplifting news follows closely on the heels of another recent development, where 9,312 subordinate officers were promoted by the Inspector General of Police a few weeks ago. These cumulative efforts serve as a testament to the government’s determination to continually improve the police force and create an environment where excellence and dedication are rewarded.

The promotion of these 1,638 gazetted police officers signifies a significant step forward in recognizing their exemplary service to the nation. President Museveni’s unwavering support for law enforcement is evident in his decisive actions, aimed at motivating and empowering the police force. With their newly acquired ranks, these officers are now better positioned to contribute even more effectively to the safety and security of Uganda and its citizens.

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