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Police Vows To Evict Kireka Land Occupants

Police Vows To Evict Kireka Land Occupants

Kampala Metropolitan Police has revealed that they are committed to evicting all illegal residents and other occupants on its Kireka barracks land in Kampala.

The process began this month and has drawn criticism from members of the public and some political leaders, but police have stated that they will not back down.

In a statement, Kampala Metropolitan Police dispelled what it termed as misconceptions surrounding the ongoing exercise at Kireka saying that they are conducting a comprehensive audit of barracks land to ensure that any removal of individuals strictly adheres to legal procedures.

The deputy KMP spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire said that so far Investigations have reveal that non-eligible persons, including civilians and security guards, unlawfully occupied barracks land, enjoying utilities without authorization, leading to inflated bills.

“Moreover, makeshift and permanent structures, such as bars, clinics, and market stalls, were erected without proper authorization. In response, the Police management is committed to removing all these illegal businesses and individuals, some of whom deserted the force and are still using the premises,” he said

He said the ongoing exercise also aims to open and preserve the integrity of police land within the Kampala Metropolitan area and beyond of which in turn will enable their immediate neighbors to delineate their land boundaries more clearly.

However, the law enforcement body has expressed concern that leaders have politicized the restructuring, encouraging illegal activities such as road blockades by setting fires which is a clear violation of the law and at least ten individuals engaging in such activities have been arrested, none of whom were residents of the barracks or neighboring areas.

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