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Mpuuga Urges Parliament To Support His Successor Joe Ssenyonyi

Mpuuga Urges Parliament To Support His Successor Joe Ssenyonyi

Mathias Mpuuga, the former leader of the opposition, has urged parliament to give Joel Ssenyonyi, the same amount of support that he received while serving in that role.

Mpuuga emphasized that to advance the interests of all Ugandans, Members of Parliament (MPs) must work together.

“Despite his youth, Joel Ssenyonyi exhibits remarkable reasonability and deserves our support as we persist in our responsibilities, representing both the National Unity Platform (NUP), a youthful party, and the broader Opposition. Our collective aim is to envision a brighter tomorrow for our children and posterity,” he stated.

Regardless of their political philosophies, he asked MPs to treat one another as fellow public servants.

Mpuuga emphasized their common goal and exhorted his colleagues to make history by proving their dedication to the greater good.
Inspired by a book he had read recently, he asked everyone to stand back and evaluate the direction the country was going.

Mpuuga counseled Ssenyonyi to put good communication first to make sure his message was understood by the right people.

“Take things in stride, prioritize self-care, concentrate on the positive, exercise patience, seek assistance readily available, remember you have a supportive community, and, in moments of accomplishment, take the time to celebrate your successes,” he advised.

Mpuuga conveyed his appreciation to the Speaker and other Members of Parliament for their collaboration and assistance during his term.
He acknowledged the difficulties the House was facing and commended its fortitude under hard circumstances.

Mpuuga stated that his earlier statements were intended to serve the greatest interests of the nation rather than to be personal.
He reiterated his dedication to the country and apologized for any offense caused.

Using a personal story, Mpuuga disclosed that she had previously collaborated with the Speaker at the same organization many years ago.
He supported her in using her position for the greater good while acknowledging her journey and decisions.

Speaking to the Deputy Speaker, Mpuuga expressed his respect for the decision to change political affiliations while thinking back on their previous student-teacher relationship.

Mpuuga underlined the value of each MP’s commitment to bettering the nation’s future while reminding them of their critical roles in serving the people.

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