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Mpuuga Attacks Speaker Over her Decision Boycotting MPs

Mpuuga Attacks Speaker Over her Decision Boycotting MPs

The opposition leader in parliament Mathias Mpuuga has issued a warning, stating that if the government does explain the locations of the supposed missing individuals, they may be forced to make a new demand, which would be to see the burial sites of the missing individuals.

Speaking at a press briefing at parliament on November 23, 2023, Mpuuga said they expect the speaker to demand the executive to offer a detailed response to their concerns and be neutral while handling the matter.

Mathias Mpuuga has also urged Speaker Anita Among to maintain objectivity in her handling of the opposition’s continuous boycott of the chamber.

“Our demand of the speaker is to follow up her instruction to the executive, mainly to come and respond. It is not safe for us to engage in a sparring match with a speaker, who is supposed to be a referee in this matter and a neutral referee,” he said.

Mpuuga also attacked Speaker Among’s decision to forbid the boycotting MPs from traveling abroad, attending committee hearings, and receiving other parliamentary advantages, stating that no amount of comparison or juxtaposition can be drawn with human lives.

“We may shift gears to make another demand that they show us the burial grounds or the bodies of these missing Ugandans. At the moment, we are still demanding an explanation, which they must produce without any hesitation,” he added.

Mpuuga made the remarks in response to speaker Anita Among’s ban and continuous threats to have the boycotting MPs back to parliament. 

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