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Government Announces New Procurement Regulation Amendments

Government Announces New Procurement Regulation Amendments

The Government Through The Public Procurement And Disposal Of Public Assets Authority PPDA Has Introduced New Regulations In The Procurement Process Some Of Which Have A Direct Bearing On The Bidder’s Participation In The Procurement Process.
Effective 5th February 2024, All Public Procurement And Disposal Proceedings Shall Be Conducted By The PPDA Act 2003, And The Regulations As Amended 

The New Regulations As Amended Include, The Disposal Of Public Assets, Procurement Of Consultancy, And PPDA Contracts Among Others

The Public Procurement and Disposal Of Public Assets Act, 2003 Is An Act To Establish The Public Procurement And Disposal Of Public Assets Authority; To Formulate Policies And Regulate Practices concerning Public Procurement And Disposal Activities And Other Connected Matters.

This act came into force on the 21st day of February 2003 and has since seen amendments in 2011 and with the recent one in 2021. 

Following extensive consultations new regulations have been developed and approved by the Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development, gazetted, and these are to be applied across all government agencies effective 5th February 2024.

To mention but a few, the new 2023 regulations tackle, procuring and disposing of entities, procurement planning, procurement of consultancy services, evaluation of parastatals, contracts, and administrative reviews.

Minister Kasaija also expounds that of the 12 initial regulations in the PPDA amendment 2021 7 have been revised and amended, 1 evoked and 4 have been retained. 

Over time there have been calls for scrutiny of how the government awards contracts to private contractors, notably the Lubowa Hospital has often been used as a point of reference in this matter. Benson Turyame the executive director of PPDA says the new contract regulation seeks to streamline the issuance of contracts. 

Turyame also highlighted that the regulations apply to all procurements and disposals conducted by government entities including private contractors who intend to conduct business with the government. 

Effective 5th February 2024, all public procurement and disposal proceedings shall be conducted by the PPDA Act 2003, and the regulations as amended.

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