France Coach Didier Deschamps Unfazed by Criticism of Team’s Playing Style

France Coach Didier Deschamps Unfazed by Criticism of Team’s Playing Style

Defiant France head coach Didier Deschamps has dismissed criticism that his Euro 2024 semi-finalists have been playing “boring” football. Deschamps, who led France to World Cup victory in 2018, will guide his team against an in-form Spain in Munich on Tuesday evening. Despite some onlookers expressing disappointment with France’s form in the tournament, Deschamps remains unperturbed.

During a pre-match press conference, a Swedish journalist questioned Deschamps about the accusations of dull play. The coach responded, “If you’re getting bored, you know what? Watch another game, that’s fine. You don’t have to watch. It’s a European Championship, and it’s very difficult for everyone.”

Deschamps acknowledged that the team’s performance might not have matched past standards but emphasized their ability to deliver results. “We have the capability to share emotions and make many French men and women happy through the results we’ve been achieving, especially in a period that has been quite difficult for our country. But I’m sorry if the Swedish are getting bored of our football. It doesn’t really bother me that much.”

As France prepares for the crucial semi-final clash, Deschamps’ focus remains firmly on securing victory and advancing to the final.

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