Fally Ipupa Performs In Arua

Fally Ipupa Performs In Arua

Four years ago, Congolesse artiste Fally Ipupa was scheduled to have two performances in Uganda but that never happened with the promoters saying he had missed his flight.

Malembe lifestyle took the necessary steps backed by I&M Bank and booked him this year for two shows; one in Arua and another one at Sheraton Hotel Kampala.

However, the previous promoters Yannick Nseka Mbala and Jonathan Tabani Buta through their lawyers Kabega, Bogezi and Bukenya Advocates, wrote a letter addressed to the Commandant of Kampala Metropolitan Police, noting that Fally Ipupa took their money four years ago, but was a no-show for planned concerts, plunging them into huge losses and should therefore be arrested when he steps in Uganda.

The artiste came to Uganda last Thursday night ahead of his first show in Arua last Friday evening which lived up to the hype.

The signs were there that it was bound to be one of those unforgettable nights in Arua. When I took a stroll through the city during the day, the writing was on the wall that something extraordinary was about to unfold.  Almost everyone dorned their best outfit with all roads leading to the Greenlight Stadium for the do.

The venue, which is the home of Onduparaka Fc, was a hive of activities right from the entrance where revellers lined up for tickets.

There were people selling all kinds of things. From food stuff to key holders and T-shirts among others. It was not any different inside the field yet on the big stage, West Nile artistes curtainraised to kickstart the night with hosts, Simon Living and Danico firing up the crowd.

The likes of Endy Joe, Dukuluduku, King Boy, General Satty, Monopoly the bad character, Dwayne Gabana and Lucky dee all had their moments to shine while Arua’s man of the moment JM Kennedy, the most popular artiste in West Nile capped off the curtainraising with an energetic performance just in time for Fally to get his act going.
At 10pm, the stadium went dark and with the stage illuminated., his backline was already in position to take revellers on an unforgettable journey.

The sight of Fally Ipupa on that gigantic stage was enough to make his presence felt. The ladies shouted on top of their voices while the guys felt envious, perhaps picturing themselves in his position.
Clad in a black jacket, sunglasses and black pants, he set the ball rolling with his I Miss You Baby track.

Being known for his sleek dance moves, he straight away exhibited just that, moving his waist like he was boneless and getting the crowd even more excited. 

He did this with most of the songs he performed, including Mayday, Bafana, Alliance, Roi Manitou, Se Yo and Anissa among others as did many in the crowd who were familiar with the songs sung along.

His performance lasted two hours and the energy of the crowd was simply electrifying. His band and dancers set no foot wrong as their chemistry with the artiste was a joy to watch.

By the end of the night, Fally Ipupa had paid back his debt to the people of Arua and was only waiting to do the same justice to those in Kampala at Sheraton Hotel.  

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