Singer Bruno K In Another Baby Mama, Pregnancy Saga

Singer Bruno K In Another Baby Mama, Pregnancy Saga

Uganda social media woke up to a series of videos showing Bruno K with a lady identified as Dorah which were followed by several screenshots exposing their chats.

According to the WhatsApp conversations, Dorah, a businesswoman based in Mukono, and Bruno K were romantically connected in a relationship for a while.

She claims to have supported Bruno K financially during their relationship and the singer also satisfied her sexual needs.

 However, when Dorah realized that she was heavy with Bruno K’s child, the relationship started to drift astray.

The singer is accused of turning bitter when Dorah alerted him about the pregnancy as he allegedly maintained that she conceived without his consent.

Dorah decided to spill their misunderstandings on social media after they failed to reach common ground about the pregnancy.

Singer Bruno K has been exposed again by one of his baby mamas Dorah after pregnanting her and running away.

Dorah is going to be Bruno K’s third baby mama because he has already two older children with different women.

She said she has been in a relationship with Bruno K but funding it and sending him money to look after his children and other personal bills.

After getting pregnant, she reduced on sending money and since then, issues between them started to rise something that made Bruno K run away.

It didn’t end on that, she talked about how Bruno K is a dirty man in that he doesn’t clean him when coming to see her.

She said she has never seen a man like Bruno K in her life because other men she has dated are very clean but Bruno K is a dirty.

Dorah revealed that she tried to talk to Bruno K about it but he refused to change

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