Court Rules Zaake’s Removal from Commissioner Position Unlawful

Court Rules Zaake’s Removal from Commissioner Position Unlawful

The Constitutional Court in Kampala has quashed Speaker Anita Among’s decision to remove Mityana Municipality MP, Francis Zaake as a commissioner of Parliament.

A ruling delivered Thursday morning indicated that the Speaker offended the rules of natural justice and had no quorum in Parliament by the time the decision was made, among others.

“It has been cleared today that the legislature as an arm of government that makes the law does not respect the laws it makes. Madam Anita Among is not supposed to be called Right Honorable because she doesn’t follow the law going by the outcome of this case. She has ashamed Parliament of Uganda. She behaves like a dictator. She thought she’s untouchable but today she has been touched. As a leader of Parliament, she’s supposed to obey and follow the law. According to the ruling in this case, I’m still a commissioner,” Mr Zaake told journalists shortly after the court ruling. 

Mr Zaake, a member of the Opposition National Unity Platform (NUP), was removed from the position on March 10, 2022 for allegedly insulting Speaker of Parliament Anita Among on social media. A total of 155 legislators voted to remove the MP from the position.
He petitioned the Constitutional Court claiming that Parliament passed “the impugned resolution without quorum in the House in contravention of Articles 2(1) and (2), 88 and 94(1) of the Constitution and Rule 110 (6) of the Parliamentary Rules of Procedure.”

He further claimed that that each member of the Parliament’s Committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline, who participated in his removal, received a kick-back of Shs6m.

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