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Can The FDC Katonga Faction Decamp Kizza Besigye’s Shadow?

Can The FDC Katonga Faction Decamp Kizza Besigye’s Shadow?

Since the inception of nationwide consultations by the FDC Katonga faction to chart their group’s trajectory, one prominent figure has taken center stage – Rt Col Dr Kizza Besigye. However, notable party colleagues holding key positions have been noticeably absent from these pivotal deliberations.

This asymmetrical representation has sparked speculation regarding Besigye’s role within the faction. Is he the singular guiding force propelling the group forward, or is he leveraging this platform for a political resurgence?

Political analysts and members of the Najjanankumbi faction have raised concerns about the ramifications of Besigye’s prominent position. Prof Sabiiti Makara, a seasoned political analyst, observed, “Besigye’s failure to introduce his colleagues during the consultations casts doubts on the group’s leadership beyond his individual persona. It appears more as a revival of Besigye rather than a collective endeavor.”

Godfrey Ekanya, FDC Treasurer from Najjanankumbi, echoed similar sentiments, suggesting that the absence of other pivotal figures undermines the credibility of Katonga’s agenda. “Katonga’s reliance solely on Besigye diminishes their capacity to provide substantive leadership to Ugandans,” Ekanya asserted.

In response, Kennedy Okello, Secretary for the President in FDC Katonga, defended Besigye’s central role, portraying it as a strategic choice. “Besigye leading the consultations aligns with our intentional strategy,” Okello clarified, expressing confidence in Besigye’s leadership.

However, this confidence is not universal. Makara and Ekanya have urged the Katonga faction to contemplate reuniting with Najjanankumbi and prioritize party unity. “Without reconciliation and unity, Katonga risks losing relevance in today’s dynamic political landscape,” cautioned Makara.

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