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Busoga Region Clergy and Politicians Call For Vigilance To Fight Criminality in the Region

Busoga Region Clergy and Politicians Call For Vigilance To Fight Criminality in the Region

Under the Busoga Diocese, religious leaders and politicians have exhorted their adherents to maintain vigilance to counteract the rising rates of crime in their neighborhoods. Vigilance was emphasized by politicians and clergy alike during the Christ’s Cathedral Bugembe Christmas Day celebrations in Jinja City. They cautioned their followers to be on the lookout for cunning criminal forces that use weaknesses to inflict harm or steal assets covertly.

Former Lands Minister Daudi Migereko stressed the need for community members to abstain from heavy drinking, as this can leave them vulnerable to thieves who may try to take their property or assault them. Migereko maintained that inadequate security makes it possible for thieves to enter communities unnoticed.

On the other hand, giving the authorities information on people who seem suspicious can result in thorough investigations and guarantee enduring peace. He went on to say that communities may stop ongoing threats without putting residents in danger if they maintain their vigilance and follow the security protocols set forth by government organizations.

Sub-Dean of Christ’s Cathedral in Bugembe, Rev. Dr. Joy Isabirye, emphasized that parents have the primary responsibility of protecting their children from being exploited by those who introduce them to drug misuse. In order to safeguard their kids from deceitful people who want to sexually assault youngsters, Isabirye advised parents to teach their kids security precautions, including fostering a strong sense of self-worth and staying away from unfamiliar people and dim environments.

In addition, Isabirye urged everyone in the community to report any criminal activity that occurs in their neighborhood. By working together, we can bring offenders to justice and stop the spread of these kinds of crimes. Richard Gulume, the Jinja Resident District Commissioner, stressed that everyone has a responsibility to maintain security. He cautioned people not to leave their valuables unattended during the holiday season because some people take advantage of the excitement to steal things covertly.

Gulume underlined how crucial neighborhood watch is to maintaining long-term harmony in local communities. He encouraged locals to register their information with the local councils, or L.C.1, in order to facilitate cooperation and coordination on security-related issues. This strategy aids in the prevention of criminal infiltration by enabling locals to keep an eye out for and identify questionable activities by strangers trying to cause trouble in their neighborhood.

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