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ADF will soon lose appetite to attack Uganda Museveni

ADF will soon lose appetite to attack Uganda Museveni

According to President Museveni, the ADF will eventually be consigned to history’s trash can.

“We are hitting them so hard. They will soon run out of people to send for bombing,” Museveni said.

In his speech on Sunday, the president declared that unless the ADF feels the heat and loses interest in assaulting Uganda, the Ugandan army, or UPDF, will not stop targeting their hideouts.

Since December 2021, the UPDF and the Congolese army of the FARDC have together operated under the code name “Shuja,” attacking ADF hideouts inside the DRC.

While many of the group’s camps have been destroyed, a number of the militants and commanders have either been killed in action or taken prisoner by the Ugandan army.

The ADF has moved its bases and expanded into the DRC on multiple occasions as a result of these intense bombing and ground attacks.

The ADF has persisted in wreaking devastation on Ugandans despite this interruption to their operations, particularly in regions close to the DRC border.

Speaking on Sunday, President Museveni claimed that the group’s remnants had been able to enter Uganda and wreak havoc because of the weak border.

“They can do this because the border is unclosable. It is long and has many crossing points, many of them in the bush. Besides, we do not want to close the border, because we shall disrupt the lives of the brother peoples of Congo and Uganda,” Museveni said.

He did, however, add that detailed intelligence and internal mobilization are the other correct approaches, in addition to removing the source by confronting the ADF in the Congo.

In response, Museveni expressed his happiness over the deaths of several ADF fighter commanders in recent months, citing Njovu as one of ten members of the gang that carried out the attack on Queen Elizabeth that resulted in the deaths of two tourists and their Ugandan chauffeur.

He added that the UPDF had subsequently killed Kamusu, Njovu’s replacement.

“Therefore, all our bazukulu, be alert. Let everybody show you his electronic identity card issued by NIRA. Do not accept those printed at Nkrumah Road. Anybody approaching you and wanting you to keep his bag or package, insist that he opens it. If you see anything suspicious, such as a mobile telephone in the middle of the package, call the Police. All hotel and lodge owners to insist on seeing electronic identity cards of everybody and record them.”

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