733 vehicles impounded in a police crackdown on errant motorists. VIPS, funeral companies warned

733 vehicles impounded in a police crackdown on errant motorists. VIPS, funeral companies warned

A joint operation between the military and police has seen a total of 733 vehicles both government and private ownership impounded in five days.

Last week, the traffic and military police launched a joint crackdown on motorists breaking traffic regulations while on the road in an operation code named “Towa fujjo kwa barabarani” loosely translated as “remove indiscipline on the road.”

Giving an update on the operation, Traffic Police spokesperson, ASP Faridah Nampiima said in a period of five days between September 19 and 23, a total of 733 vehicles were impounded for driving recklessly but also having illegal sirens and lights.

“Of the 733, 524 had illegal lights and sirens whereas 209 were driving carelessly, especially driving on a wrong lane,” Nampiima said.

She explained that of the 733, 33 were government owned vehicles and of all the vehicles impounded, 342 were issued with Express Penalty Scheme tickets, 13 cautioned, 511 had the illegal lights and sirens removed whereas 75 had their number plates removed.

“We see success in the operation. There is now discipline on the road for the past one week. This shows the operation is working but also shows many drivers were behaving errantly on the road,”Nampiima said.

VIPs warned

The Traffic Police spokesperson warned that the operation will now turn focus on VIPs and funeral service vans.

“VIPs who think they are entitled to the right of way yet in the Traffic Regulations you don’t have it should approach Ministry of Works and Transport to amend the law for you. Approach the minister to ensure the law is amended for you or else we are going to inconvenience and embarrass you,” Nampiima warned.

Those VIPs with escort cars allow them to do their work. They are escort cars meant to guard you and not to work as lead cars. Stop using security personnel meant to guard you to clear the road for you. It is unlawful to ask them to jump off the vehicle go in front to clear traffic jam.”

The Traffic Police spokesperson also warned that it is illegal for escort cars to move without number plates, noting that during the operation, this will be the focus of the joint operation.

Nampiima also noted that VIPs who drive on the opposite of the driving lane that the joint operation will not spare them, adding that the operation is to be extended to highways.

Funeral service vans

The Traffic Police spokesperson also warned drivers of funeral service vans that they are to be specifically targeted during the operation.

On several occasions, drivers of funeral service vans install sirens and drive on opposite sides of the road , especially during traffic jam, causing inconvenience to other motorists on the road.

However, Nampiima emphasized that funeral service vehicles don’t have the right of way.

“ Which emergency do you have with dead people? You are not catered for in the emergency category and therefore you don’t have the right of way. Your vehicles are not ambulances. We shall impound them on sight.”

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