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Why Museveni Shouldn’t Have Signed the Anti- Narcotic Law

Why Museveni Shouldn’t Have Signed the Anti- Narcotic Law

Lawyers and political analysts have punched holes in the newly signed Narcotics and Psychotropic Control Act 2023 

These say like many other laws, this law is likely to be selectively applied to some individuals while acting blind on prominent figures in the country

Citing the UPDF Act, Gideon Tugume a lawyer and political analyst is sceptical about the uniform enforcement of the Narcotic and Psychotropic Control Act 2023. 

The Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances (Control) Bill, 2023 allows the licensed farming and use of marijuana strictly for medical use and sets harsh penalties for a multitude of offenses related to substance abuse.

The law also seeks to address the challenges posed by drug abuse and trafficking. 

Gideon Tugume a political analyst and lawyer, expresses concern over certain provisions in this law. He says they may have unintended consequences for individual freedoms, public health, and the overall development of our society.

Citing some laws that he claims are selectively being applied, Tugume is skeptical about equality in the enforcement of this law. 

Among other provisions, the government has been authorized to seize properties acquired using proceeds from narcotic sales following an application by the attorney general to the high court. 

Additionally, a person who smokes and uses the mentioned narcotic substances without lawful excuses is liable to a fine worth 1 billion shillings or imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or both. Tugume says such paltry convictions are very tough and need deeper scrutiny.

Reports indicate that over 50% of patients who visit Butabika Hospital are a result of drug abuse. In passing the bill and later the president’s ascension, the government reasoned that the law was meant to strengthen the fight against the supply and use of illicit substances. However, Tugume says the effects of the legally accepted substance must also be considered. 

Prohibited substances include khat locally known as Mira or Mayirungi and marijuana or ganja also known as Cannabis

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