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Tanzania turns off plants because of too much electricity

Tanzania turns off plants because of too much electricity

Tanzanian authorities have taken decisive action to address the surplus electricity in the national grid by temporarily closing five hydroelectric plants, as announced by the Prime Minister of the nation, Kassim Majaliwa. This measure comes as part of a strategic effort to balance energy supply and demand across the country.

The commercial hub of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, has traditionally relied on energy generated primarily by the Mwalimu Nyerere Hydroelectric Station. With the closure of the additional hydroelectric plants, the nation’s energy production is now focused on optimizing the output of this main facility.

The decision to shut down the hydroelectric plants was prompted by a combination of factors, including a decrease in electricity demand and an unprecedented surplus in production. Tanesco, the state-run power utility, affirmed this in an official statement, stating, “We have turned off all these stations because the demand is low and the electricity production is too much, we have no allocation now.”

The surplus in electricity production can be attributed in part to the abundant rainfall experienced earlier this year, which has led to the 2,115 MW Julius Nyerere hydropower dam nearing full capacity. While this surplus is a testament to Tanzania’s energy infrastructure and natural resources, it also presents logistical challenges in managing the excess supply.

Amidst these developments, Tanzania has also faced adverse weather conditions, resulting in at least 58 fatalities. The government is actively responding to these challenges by implementing measures to mitigate the impact of harsh weather on communities and infrastructure.

As Tanzania navigates these complex dynamics in its energy sector and grapples with the effects of extreme weather events, the closure of hydroelectric plants represents a proactive step towards ensuring the efficient and sustainable management of the nation’s electricity resources.

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