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Police Searching For Alien Skin Over Bajjo Attack

Police Searching For Alien Skin Over Bajjo Attack

Police at Katwe, Kampala are investigating a case of malicious damage against Uganda’s sensational musician Patrick Mulwana, also known as Alien Skin.

A group of individuals allegedly led by Mr Mulwana on Tuesday reportedly attempted to assault events promoter Andrew Mukasa, commonly known as Bajjo at his (Bajjo’s) car washing facility in Kirudu zone, Luwafu Parish, Makindye Division which resulted into a “shooting incident.”

“Fortunately, Mr Bajjo was able to defend himself using pepper spray. During their escape, his car was damaged in a collision. A confrontation arose between the security guard, Mr Vincent Okalebo from Caltec Security Company and Alien Skin’s group, which resulted in the guard discharging his firearm, causing damage to the vehicle,” said Kampala metropolitan police deputy spokesperson, ASP Luke Owoyesigyire. 

Mr Okalebo and another person, only identified as Ibra Kabadia were arrested as part of ongoing police investigations into malicious damage of Bajjo’s car UBK 123C and the shooting following the 6pm altercation.
“Regrettably, Alien Skin, the musician known as Mulwana Patrick, managed to evade capture during the police intervention. We are actively pursuing his arrest, as well as the apprehension of his associates, to hold them accountable for the damage they caused to the vehicles at the car washing facility,” ASP Owoyesigyire added.
He urged Alien Skin and his associates to refrain from using violence and creating disturbances that disrupt the peace of others.
“Further details on this matter are under investigation, and we will continue to provide updates as they become available,” he added.

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