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Nakanyonyi SS Task Police To Produce Poisoning Results

Nakanyonyi SS Task Police To Produce Poisoning Results

Authorities at Nakanyonyi Secondary School in Nakifuma-Naggalama Town Council, Mukono District, have asked police to urgently release the report about the suspected poisoning incident at the school.

According to the school management, this will calm down the nerves at the school, which has suffered massive student desertions.

“We are now living in uncertainty. We don’t know our enemies. If someone with a bad heart laced the food with poison, let us know or if it was just a local challenge, then let us also know,” Mr Amos Barongo, the head teacher, said during an interview at the school yesterday.
Last week, at least 200 students of Nakanyonyi SS in the boarding section were admitted to different health facilities after eating what was suspected to be poisoned food for supper.

Officers from the police’s forensic department took food samples for testing and informed the school authorities that the results would be out on Monday, which did not happen.

Mr Barongo, who has spent less than two years at the school, said a big number of students, mostly day scholars, have continued to stay away.
 He said of the total student enrolment of 12,97 students, only 558 students reported yesterday.

“Many parents now fear to bring back their children because they are not sure of their safety. We hope if the report is released and made public, it will bring back the hearts of the parents,” Mr Barongo noted.
The head teacher disclosed that since investigators closed the school food store as it is a crime scene, the administration is struggling to buy food to feed the students.

He said they spend at least Sh600,000 daily to feed the learners yet they had stocked food that could take them for two months.

“The findings in the  report should be made public because as the school administration, we are not concealing anything. We shall go with whatever comes out of the report,” Mr Barongo said.
But Mr Fred Enanga, the police force spokesperson, yesterday asked the school authorities to be patient, saying a report on the incident will be released this week.

Nevertheless, Mr Mike Ssegawa, the Mukono deputy RDC, told this publication that the report of the test results is expected tomorrow at 9am.

On Monday, State Minister for Higher Education John Chrysestom Muyingo visited the school and promised government support.
Mr Muyingo also asked the school authorities to cooperate with investigators so that the truth is known.

To ensure that a repeat of the incident does not occur, Mr Barongo said they had put in place a number of security and safety measures.

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