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Kitara FC Faceoff With Vipers FC See How Teams Are Lining Up

Kitara FC Faceoff With Vipers FC See How Teams Are Lining Up

The stage is set for a thrilling encounter as Kitara FC prepares to take on Vipers FC in a highly anticipated Uganda Premier League match, set to unfold live from Masindi. With both teams boasting formidable lineups, fans are in for a spectacle of footballing prowess and skill.

Here’s a glimpse of the starting lineups for both teams:

Kitara XI:

  1. Chrispas Kusiima (GK)
  2. Maxwell Owachgiu
  3. Hakim Semakula
  4. Dudu Ramathan
  5. Jude Ssemugabi
  6. Living Kabon
  7. Paul Mucureezi
  8. Benjamin Nyakoojo
  9. Paddy Muhumuza
  10. Donato Okello
  11. Denis Omedi

Vipers XI:

  1. Alfred Mudekereza (GK)
  2. Milton Karisa
  3. Allan Okello
  4. Yunus Sentamu
  5. Hillary Mudekereza
  6. Patrick Mbowa
  7. Ashraf Mandela
  8. Isa Mubiru
  9. Moses Waiswa
  10. Frank Katongole
  11. Rogers Torach

With a blend of seasoned veterans and rising talents on both sides, anticipation is high for an action-packed showdown. Fans can expect a display of tactical brilliance, breathtaking goals, and intense competition as these two teams vie for supremacy on the pitch.

Stay tuned as we bring you live updates, highlights, and analysis from what promises to be a memorable clash between Kitara FC and Vipers FC in the Uganda Premier League!

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