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Kato Lubwama’s Will Reveals Shocking Details

Kato Lubwama’s Will Reveals Shocking Details

The will of former Member of Parliament and comedian Kato Lubwama has caused quite a stir. He had prepared it prior to his death, and it was only unveiled a day after he passed away. Kato Lubwama had been grappling with peculiar illnesses for some time.

Last year, his health deteriorated to the point where he had to seek treatment outside of Uganda. He traveled to Turkey, where he underwent a significant heart surgery. After a few months, he returned to Uganda, and ever since the operation, his health had been remarkably better.

Despite his health struggles, Kato Lubwama remained engaged in various acting projects, and he was even planning to hold his own concert later this year. Unfortunately, yesterday he suddenly passed away following a minor attack. Throughout the day, he appeared fine, conducting interviews, but in the evening, he was pronounced dead.

The content of his will has left Ugandans astounded. Despite battling unusual diseases and enduring challenging circumstances, he took the time to create a will. Some aspects of the will have been revealed today, and one of the most surprising requests is that the comedian wished to be buried a week after his death.

He specified that during this time, people should mourn him for a continuous seven days, accompanied by music and dancing. Another notable provision in Kato Lubwama’s will is his desire for people not to shed tears upon his demise. Instead, he wanted them to find joy in celebrating the life he lived on Earth. While other details of the will remain undisclosed, we will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.

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