Karole Kasita Celebrates Her Birthday with King

Karole Kasita Celebrates Her Birthday with King

Last year this time the airwaves were jam-packed with Karole Kasita’s “Nywamu” party anthem. The song was released on her birthday and as a birthday gift, it was an instant success. For her birthday yesterday, the singer had a more grounding celebration but nonetheless beautiful.

Last year Kasita had fans and the public running around in rumour mills about a pregnancy and romantic partner until the birth of her son King. Like a well-kept “secret” that comes out at the right time, Kasita celebrated her birthday with her son.

“Thank you God for giving me the best reason to celebrate my plus one,” the birthday message reads in part.

This is Kasita’s first birthday as a mother and her picture-perfect photo shoot sends a few beautiful messages.

Kasita is all gold jewellery, black elegance, white and sage green roses, and smiles against a royal mauve background.

However, her son is facing away from the camera in one picture which indicates that he may still have a few moments in the dark before he’s revealed to the public. Although this can be a safety precaution to protect the child from flash photography

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