Jay Z’s Mother Marries Her Longtime Female Partner

Jay Z’s Mother Marries Her Longtime Female Partner

Rapper Jay-Z’s mother, Gloria Carter, has tied the knot with her long time partner, Roxanne Wilshire, in a star-studded wedding in New York. 

Jay-Z and his celebrity wife Beyonce were among those witnessing the event that happened on Sunday night. 

Hollywood celebrities in attendance included Tyler Perry and Kelly Rowland. Others were Tina Knowles and Robin Roberts. 

The wedding comes five years after Gloria revealed she is lesbian through her son’s song, ‘Smile’. 

In the song, Gloria revealed she lived a double life, one of happiness and the other of fear; fear of what people would think and say, and even do about her new status. 

Jay-Z was widely praised in the West for accepting and giving his mother the platform to express herself. 

In 2019, he also gave her a shout out during the GLAAD Media Awards, for allowing him to tell her story. 

Beyonce has also previously talked highly of her uncle who openly came out as gay, and lauded him for strongly battling HIV.

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