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How Singer Rabadaba Ghosted Singer Grenade’s Ex Maggie

How Singer Rabadaba Ghosted Singer Grenade’s Ex Maggie

Nalongo Maggie also known as Salha and singer Rabadaba’s marriage ended is on the wall.

This is after one and a half years after getting married last year in a highly publicized and controversial marriage.

News surfaced yesterday on how the two are now contemplating divorce because of irreparable differences. Many have been wondering what catalyzed the pair’s marriage to collapse so quickly.

A voice recording obtained by a media house Livewire program had Nalongo Maggie explaining why they were going to divorce.

“I talked to your mum and informed her that I’m going to divorce Faisal. Faisal has refused to work; Faisal has refused to do everything. Can you believe Faisal hates my mom? He has spent three months without talking to my mother. What did she do to Faisal? Loving him and he pays her like that?” Maggie said in a recording, a copy of which this reporter listened to though it’s not clear whom she was talking to.

“My sister came and she took good care of us, she used to cook for us every morning, taking care of us, but when Faisal saw my sister leaving. But when he saw my sister leaving, he left the house, not even saying goodbye to her… he just walked out. Now, he is shouting at me that he found me with another man… I told Faisal not to change his password. He has been doing a lot of things to me. I even talked to a lawyer to talk to him, and he told me if you want to divorce me, divorce me but I won’t leave this country, which means he changed,” she went on.

And this is largely due to Rabadaba’s changed behavior and disrespect towards Maggie’s family.

She revealed how he’s spent about three months’ minus talking to her mother.

He also acted rudely towards Maggie’s sister when she came by to visit and temporarily live with them in the UK.

Maggie added that he never loved her and was only using her to chase his personal goals.

She, therefore, asked her lawyer to effect a divorce but the Bwekiri singer told her he won’t have a divorce in the UK.

Therefore, she’s decided to file both one in the UK and in Uganda.

“Can you imagine Faisal doesn’t respect my family and mistreats them. He has spent 3 months’ minus talking to my mother. My sister was recently here looking after us but when she got to leave, Faisal walked out of the house minus bidding her farewell. I have talked to my lawyer and I’m going to divorce him since he never loved me in the first place. His behaviors have totally changed,” said Nalongo Maggie

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