Former Opposition Leader Mathias Mpuuga Unveils Major Constitutional Reform Plans

Former Opposition Leader Mathias Mpuuga Unveils Major Constitutional Reform Plans

Kampala, Uganda – Former Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Hon Mathias Mpuuga, has revealed details of a significant initiative he has been working on in recent weeks. During a press conference at Parliament on Wednesday afternoon, Mpuuga announced his plans to introduce substantial constitutional amendments aimed at reducing the size of the Ugandan parliament, amending current electoral laws, and facilitating a smooth transition of power from President Yoweri Museveni.

Mpuuga emphasized that his initiative has been the focus of numerous consultative meetings with political leaders and other stakeholders. “We need wide-ranging constitutional and electoral reforms,” he stated. “That is why I have been meeting all these stakeholders. I have spoken to colleagues in parliament, those in the NRM, and independents. We are gearing up for a forum of MPs and civil society to foster a broad debate on these reforms.”

As the Nyendo-Mukungwe legislator, Mpuuga aims to reshape Uganda’s parliament, addressing concerns about its current size. “There have been increasing calls to reduce the size of parliament, which is considered too large,” he noted. “Even when I was still Leader of the Opposition, I advocated for reforms to reduce the size of parliament to align with the economy and ensure we have a purposeful legislative body.”

Mpuuga plans to lead a vigorous campaign in parliament and has engaged with various political platforms to collaborate on this effort. His proposed reforms include changing the parliamentary election method to ensure better representation for the youth, who constitute the majority of Uganda’s population. He also seeks amendments to the composition of the Electoral Commission and legislation on the transition of power.

In addition to outlining his reform plans, Mpuuga criticized his successor, Hon Joel Ssenyonyi, for neglecting the efforts he initiated to secure the release of National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters still imprisoned nearly four years after the last election. Mpuuga revealed that he recently wrote to House Speaker Anita Among regarding this matter, expressing disappointment that opposition leaders appear to have abandoned the cause.

“My assumption was that this issue would be addressed by my successors, but they seem to be inactive,” he remarked. “Parliament deliberated on this matter, and decisions were made, but there has been no follow-up.”

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