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FDC Katonga Faction Distances Self from Talks With Nandala

FDC Katonga Faction Distances Self from Talks With Nandala

The Forum For Democratic Change Katonga Faction has denied claims of holding secret reconciliation talks with the Najjanankumbi faction.

Micheal Kabaziruka the faction interim electoral commissioner said this narrative is being driven by the Najjanankumbi factions who want to fail their upcoming National Council meeting.

Speaking to journalists today, the Katonga Fractions interim electoral commission chairman, Micheal Kabaziruka disclosed some of the ongoing party activities that are being undertaken including the upcoming national council meeting due to take place on the 21st of February 2024.

According to Kabaziruka, 70% of the party’s ground structural building is already covered, he says once this exercise is complete a delegate’s conference will be held to usher in a new executive.

He noted that the party delegates’ conference will be exclusive to the District chairpersons, national executive committee members, and members of parliament subscribing to the Katanga faction among others.

Kabaziruka also quashed claims that they are in secret reconciliation talks with the Najjanankumbi faction noting that these narratives are created by the Najjanankumbi leaders who want to fail their activities.

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