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Erias Lukwago, Dorothy Kisaka Clash Before Speaker Among In Parliament

Erias Lukwago, Dorothy Kisaka Clash Before Speaker Among In Parliament

Parliament witnessed a heated clash today as Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka found themselves at odds over resolutions regarding the payment of salary arrears for KCCA casual workers.

The tension unfolded during a meeting chaired by Speaker of Parliament Anita Among, where Lukwago expressed astonishment upon learning of the resolutions made by Kisaka without his prior knowledge. Lukwago, representing the political leadership of KCCA, voiced his dismay during the session, signaling discord within the city’s governance structures.

The meeting, attended by Members of Parliament from Kampala, aimed to reach a consensus on settling the salary arrears and contract renewals for KCCA’s casual workers. However, the rift between Lukwago and Kisaka underscored the challenges in reaching unified decisions.

Despite the discord, a resolution emerged to address the salary arrears of KCCA casual workers spanning the past six months, with implementation slated to commence the following day. Additionally, a verification exercise at the divisional level is scheduled to begin on March 11, 2024, to ensure accurate disbursement of funds.

Speaker Among also urged KCCA’s leadership to address internal conflicts within Seven Hills Company and its employees, emphasizing the need for smooth operations in Kampala.

The clash between Lukwago and Kisaka highlights the complexities inherent in governing Uganda’s capital city and underscores the imperative of collaboration for effective administration. As discussions continue, stakeholders are hopeful for constructive dialogue and tangible outcomes in addressing the city’s pressing issues.

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