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Cindy Sanyu Trashes Pregnancy Rumors

Cindy Sanyu Trashes Pregnancy Rumors

The 20th edition of Roast and Rhyme featured dancehall artist Cindy Sanyu as the headline act. While her performance was memorable, there was a notable aspect that caught attention. Cindy, a mother of three, donned a snug playsuit during her performance, accentuating her body shape, paired with a white blazer that she frequently used to cover up.

Beneath the attire, there was a visible bump, sparking speculation among onlookers about a potential pregnancy. This speculation spilled onto social media, where one of her fans directly inquired about her pregnancy status during an interaction.

In response, Cindy, known for hits like ‘Boom Party’, calmly addressed the speculation, clarifying that she was not pregnant but simply had a ‘baby pouch’ from her recent childbirth. She explained that she was in no rush to shed the postpartum weight.

Cindy emphasized that whether she decides to have another child is her personal matter, considering she is married and an adult. Despite having two children in the past three years, Cindy’s musical output has remained relevant, even though her studio time has been somewhat limited.

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