Bobi Wine warned by Police On Recent Country Tours

Bobi Wine warned by Police On Recent Country Tours

Police have warned leaders of the National Unity Platform that their ongoing mobilization tours and the resultant rallies are organized in such a manner that could attract terrorists to target them.

Addressing journalists on Monday, police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said whereas they are not going to stop them, the mobilization rallies for NUP president, Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine are vulnerable to attacks by terrorists.

“Some of these mobilization tours are vulnerable especially in the manner they are conducted. Because of the nature of political mobilization where you find a convoy moving at snail pace, congestion and too much traffic, these tours are vulnerable to terrorist threats,” Enanga said.

The joint security spokesperson said they can’t guarantee the security and safety of the rallies since they are conducted in open spaces which are difficult to manage, adding that currently, the National Unity Platform uses poorly trained people to act as guards which puts the lives of their supporters and well-wishers in danger.

“Some of them(leaders) posture at the top of their motor vehicles with thousands of supporters well-wishers and onlookers gathering around which can make them attractive as soft targets for terrorists. We want to continue appealing to the NUP leadership to conduct their mobilization tours in a safe and secure manner. As joint security, we can guarantee their safety when they conduct these meetings in town halls and closed venues with restricted numbers of participants who are thoroughly checked.”

The warning comes in the wake of six Improvised Explosive Devices which were recovered in several parts of the city a week or so ago by security.

However, many have since accused security of trying to stop Kyagulanyi’s mobilization tours which have gathered mammoth crowds wherever they have happened.

Commenting about the same, the police spokesperson dismissed the claims of seeking to stop NUP’s mobilization tours as being untrue.

“ When we come out like this to guide, their bloggers and propagandists come out  strongly in response to this soft message. However, this is not anything to crack down on political activities but we need to see the NUP leadership safe and secure as they conduct their mobilization tours,” Enanga said.

Previously, Kyagulanyi had halted his tour in Western Uganda and returned to Kampala after reports emerged that his life was in danger.

The tours later resumed and are now entering the third week.

Whereas there have been some incidents of confrontation between Kyagulanyi and his supporters, these have been minimal.

It remains to be seen whether Kyagulanyi and his team will adhere to the police advice.

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