Ben Kiwanuka Remembered

Ben Kiwanuka Remembered

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has asked Ugandans to use the annual Bendicto Kiwanuka Memorial lecture to not only commemorate his life, but also remember other Ugandans and foreigners who died for their values and beliefs.

He was speaking at 2nd Bendicto Kiwanuka Memorial lecture held on Friday morning at the High Court in Kampala where the first chief justice of Uganda was dragged from his court chambers by Idi Amin soldiers.

Justice Katureebe says just like the late Kiwanuka, many other people have been murdered with nobody being brought to book for their murders.

Justice Katureebe however says that such deaths should not occur anymore especially where there is rule of law.

Justice Katureebe has also called upon judges to be impartial and strive to always protect the people to whom justice is administered.

He has also appealed to the Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Kahinda Otafire to address the issue of the continued arrest of suspects granted bail by security personnel within the court premises.

President Museveni has blamed deceased former Chief Justice, Benedicto Kiwanuka for having accepted to work with Idi Amin who later killed him.

“For us we don’t think it was correct for (Ben) Kiwanuka to accept to be chief justice for Amin. You couldn’t talk of judicial independence with Amin.  How can Amin say this and you come to the Supreme Court to say the other,” Museveni said.

The president was on Wednesday speaking during the commemoration of the fifth Ben Kiwanuka Memorial Day at the High Court grounds in Kampala.

Kiwanuka, the first Ugandan Chief Justice was murdered on the orders of then president, Idi Amin.

Several accounts indicate that he was abducted from his chambers at the High Court in Kampala by security personnel, dumped into a waiting car and taken to an unknown place.

Speaking at the same event, retired Chief Justice of Kenya Willy Mutunga has praised the late Benedicto Kiwanuka as a resilient judicial officer who did not succumb to pressure from Idi Amin against his conscience in pursuit for rule of law and justice. Justice Mutunga added that politics and the rule of law  cannot be divorced.

He also said that Africa was at crossroads and asked the judiciary not succumb to pressure from regimes and become slaves to the mismanagement of justice that people are entitled to.

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