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Russian Actress Killed in a Ukrainian strike

Russian Actress  Killed in a Ukrainian strike

A Russian actress has been killed in a Ukrainian strike while performing to troops, according to her theatre.

A dance hall in occupied Ukraine where Polina Menshikh was performing was hit by shelling on 19 November.

The actress was reportedly giving a show to celebrate a Russian military holiday.

Ukraine said about 20 Russian soldiers were killed in the strike, but Russian authorities have not commented on this.

Ms Menshikh was performing at a dance hall capable of seating around 150 people, according to local reporting.

A video purporting to show the moment of the strike was uploaded to social media. A woman, apparently Ms Menshikh, is seen on stage singing and playing guitar before an explosion is heard and the hall’s lights go out.

Ms Menshikh died in hospital of her injuries.

Speaking to the BBC’s Ukrainian service, a Ukrainian army spokesperson confirmed media reporting of the strike.

Portal, a theatre studio based in St Petersburg associated with Ms Menshikh said an upcoming performance of a play she had previously directed would be dedicated to her memory.

The strike took place around 60km (37 miles) from the front line, in the village of Kumachove.

Kumachove is located in the Donetsk region, in the area of eastern Ukraine occupied by Russia since 2014. Other areas in the Donetsk region have been hotspots of vicious fighting in recent months, particularly the cities of Avdiika and Bakhmut.

Russian pro-war bloggers criticized the organization of the show. A performance concentrating dozens of soldiers in one place made it an obvious target for a Ukrainian strike, they wrote.

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